Brand Ambassador Programme

Benefits of being a Uhuru Botanicals Skincare Ambassador

✔️ Support and Promotion:

In exchange of your content, we will do everything in our power to promote and support you as our ambassador! This will include our efforts to help you grow, as well as promoting you as an influential leader in the skincare community.

✔️ Free skincare and exclusive discount codes: We will provide you with all the essential tools for promoting Uhuru Botanicals skincare. This will include free promotional skincare products, plus an exclusive discount code that you will share via social media (instagram and facebook). *Your free products will be agreed between the two of us. Any additional products can be purchased using the discount code.

✔️ Commission on items sold!
Your will also have an incredible earning potential! Once you share your exclusive discount code; every individual who uses that code on Uhuru Botanical Skincare products - you'll earn 10% of their total purchase for as long as your remain as our ambassador.

Responsibilities and Requirements

✔️ As a Uhuru Botanicals brand ambassador you will promote our skincare throughout your community and social media platforms.

✔️ You will provide us with photos and videos of you using Uhuru Botanicals Skincare in every aspect of your life. We want you to share your healthy living, wellbeing and waste free tips with our growing and like minded community.

✔️ You will be expected to participate in actively marketing our brand online. This entails participating in events and posts that we promote on our pages, when it is possible and simply spreading the word.

✔️ As our ambassador, it is also important to be knowledgeable about Uhuru Botanicals skincare brand in every aspect.

We review your membership every three months or if the need arises.

Here are the specifics of our online marketing requirements:

✔️ Post at least 1 quality photo or video of you using Uhuru Botanicals Skincare products at least every week. Remember, visual context and quality of content are incredibly important, this will increase the power of promotion and help drive the earnings that you will receive!

✔️ Remain respectful and endorse Uhuru Botanicals Skincare in a positive way with inspirational content.

✔️ Include links to our website, social media and share information about our skincare. DON'T forget your unique and exclusive discount code.

 How we choose ambassadors.

We choose ambassadors based on their enthusiasm and community engagement locally or virtually. Writing, photography and social media skills are important, but above all we're looking for inspiration and active involvement!. We just want you to be passionate about representing the spirit of Uhuru Botanicals.

I want to welcome you to Uhuru Botanicals. Together we can grow!