Home natural skincare formulation


We can all learn to formulate. You only need to find space in your home. Some people have started creating their own skincare in their kitchen, bedrooms or found a small space in the house to make room for their lab. Of course you need to follow Good Manufacturing Standards by making sure that the space and tools you are using are clean, sanitised and clear of clutter. 

What formulation lab tools do I need to start out with? And how much is it going to cost?

You only needs 7 essential lab tools:

1. Container: empty cosmetic jars and bottles, bowls and glass beakers

2. Heating: hotplate, stove, gas or electrical hob

3. Blending: spatula, glass rod, mini whisk, milk frother

4. Weighing: pocket or jewellery scale that measures 0.01g - 200g / 500g

5. Protecting: gloves, apron, eye protection, hairnet

6. Testing: stability testing environments such as fridge, hot area in the home

7. Cleaning: rubbing alcohol, disinfectant, cleaning soap

You do not need expensive tools or specific scientific tools. Just start with your basic tools. 

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