• Safety and Stability

    How to formulate safe and stable skin and hair products

  • DIYer to Formulator

    To develop a natural product to solve a hair or skin problem using the science of formulation and your own creativity

  • Become your own BOSS

    How to take a product from concept to consumer.

    How to scale up and manufacture your own Organic Cosmetics.

Hi I'm Neo,

Your plant-based beauty formulation expert.

Neo Chatyoka, founder of award winning Uhuru Botanicals, invites you to a plant-based beauty revolution.

Neo is the passionate founder of Uhuru Botanicals and the Formulation Academy and your guide on this green, sustainable beauty formulation.

Born in South Africa, she has always had a deep love for nature, a connection that began during her visits to her grandmother in the rural countryside of South Africa. It was there, surrounded by the beauty of the natural world, that she first nurtured her curiosity for the herbs and spices that would later become essential ingredients in her formulations. Her journey into skincare formulation began with a simple yet profound mission: to find gentle, effective products for her daughter, Lulu, who struggled with eczema. Unable to discover suitable solutions on the market, she decided to take matters into her own hands and formulated a her own product.

Neo is a visiting lecturer at several universities in the UK, where she teaches innovative cosmetic formulation, product development and manufacturing and she has been invited to mentor business startups at Queen Mary's University London. 

Neo has also been featured in several publications such as the Express and Star, Country Life magazine, Lioness of Africa, Female First and the Women in Industry Podcast. She is featured in the Lloyd's Bank Business and Commercial advert about Women in Manufacturing. 

Neo's aim is to empower and educate women from underrepresented backgrounds, equipping them with the expertise to formulate, produce cosmetic products and manufacturing. 

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Come a join the "Plant-Based Beauty Group" we are like minded people who say NO to expensive, chemical heavy beauty products.

  • Michaela - Formulator

    I'd like to thank you for all the help you gave during the uni workshops💜 it's helped shape my brand for dissertation. Also, I ordered the chebe butter shampoo and conditioner bars and WOW. My hair has never felt better. I have found the perfect product to help my hair. Thank you x

  • Tuse Woodhead - Formulator

    When I started formulating, I did not understand what I had to do. Since the formulation sessions I had with Neo. I am feeling more confident in making natural products. I totally love what I am doing!.”

  • Jenny -Formulator

    Thank you for today. It was really good ❤️