Why choose Plant - Based Beauty Products?

Why choose Plant - Based Beauty Products?

We have been told so many times that a plant based diet is good for our health. Therefore shouldn't the products we apply on our skin also be made with plant material? When we apply products to our skin they absorb into our bodies and enter our blood streams. Using products filled with unhealthy, toxic ingredients can lead to  sever health issues. 

We should not have to compromise our health for our beauty. Plant-based is a growing global movement that is not just about the food we eat but the choices we make when it comes to the products we apply on our skin and hair. There is this notion that “Plant-based products are often perceived as not being as effective lab-based ingredients”. However, there is tones of evidence that plant beauty products have been used for years for beauty and healing purposes. 

Ancient Egyptians maintained skin hygiene with natural soap, the Greeks beautified themselves with olive oil for a healthy glow, South Africans have used marula oil to nourish their hair and skin for centuries.

Beauty, life and nature are all interconnected, and the pure essence of plants is vibrational, healing and nurturing us on a deeper level. 

We believe that what we put on our bodies should be noted with the same concern we give the foods we eat. We should think how a product is made, what ingredients it contains, how it is processed, and what its impact is on our health and our planet.

There is now a revival of “clean beauty”. A report from the Financial Times, 2023, states that the vegan cosmetics market is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 6.57 percent until 2028, that it a sign that there is a growing consumer uptake of a plant-based lifestyle.

I can testify that plant-based skincare works. When I struggled to find a product for my daughter who was struggling with eczema. I formulated a body balm using cold pressed oils and raw butters, which I know call my ‘Salvation” balm, it cured her eczema. 

Nature has given us all the resources we need to take care of ourselves, why do we need synthetic beauty products?

To understand more about this topic, you can join the plant-based beauty movement - Here

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