2022 Summer Formulation Course

Hello, I’m Neo Chatyoka

Founder of Uhuru Botanicals. Our mission is to help women to understand Clean Beauty formulation by providing an easy and fun formulation programme. With the purpose that they stop wasting time and money on products that are full of toxic and unsustainable ingredients.

Do you want to learn how to formulate your own skin and haircare products?

Have you thought about building your own natural beauty brand?


Learn how to make effective natural skincare formulation at a professional level.

🌱 On the course you will learn how you take Raw Ingredients and turn them into finished cosmetic products. You will learn how to balms, creams, butters, shampoos, hair conditioner, hair mask.

🌱 The formulations are developed with sustainable and natural ingredients. Each student will receive comprehensive training in making successful cutting edge, natural plant-based and organic skin, and hair care formulations.

🌱 This in-depth online training program is designed for those serious in making professional natural skin and hair care products to sell, use at a natural spa, hair salon or for personal use.