What you need to know to be a Formulator

What you need to know to be a Formulator

Here are the Formulation Academy 5 Principles of Formulation

1. Learn to set up a formulation lab - You can set up a formulation lab anywhere in your home, as long as it is clean and safe. 

2. Learn to research botanicals - A lot of research is required when creating a formula. You want to create a product which solves a certain problem, therefore you need to know the plants that you are working with and who they can solve the problem.

3. Learn how to do maths for formulators (it's very simple) - When you learn which oils, butters, waxes, waters or extracts you want to use. You then need to calculate how much you need of each ingredient. 

4. Learn how to ensure safe use and storage of ingredients -  Natural, botanical ingredients are amazing. However, we need to be mindful of their potency, which requires all formulators to learn about dermal limits and safety measures.

5. Learn to create a stable and safe formulation - In order to safely use your product, you need to ensure that it is safe to use on your skin or hair. You'll need to learn about pH, stability, and preservation so that your skincare is safe to use and safe to sell.

It may seem like a lot but remember that everyone can formulate!

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