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Chebe hair Shampoo

Chebe hair Shampoo

Uhuru Botanicals bar shampoo, made for curly, afro, textured hair and straight hair. It deeply washes your hair while helping reduce breakage and repair damaged hairlines. Our shampoo is infused in chebe powder to strengthen and lengthen hair and hair-loving ingredients, including natural oils, butter, and herbal extracts that help nurture your scalp and strengthen your hair.

This cocktail of aloe vera, shea butter and chebe powder whips up a luxury lather that gently dissolves any build-up while wrapping your strands with a nourishing blend that prevents moisture loss so your hair feels incredibly soft and clean. 

Our shampoo bar lasts for 60-80 washes (meaning three fewer bottles will wind up polluting our wonderful world). Million plastic shampoo bottles destined for landfill each year. Hence why we have created bar shampoo to reduce the amount of plastic waste.  

How to use

Start by wetting your hair and the solid Shampoo Bar, then rub it between your hands to make it foam. Hold the Shampoo Bar to your hair and lather from roots to tips. Keep massaging into your hair and scalp until all hair is covered in an extra foamy lather – this shouldn't take too long! Rinse thoroughly. Repeat the process to remove excess oils.

Follow through with our chebe hair conditioner bar.


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